One of many amazing children we have met on this journey

One of many amazing children we have met on this journey

Friday, August 27, 2010

It works!!

This is a short video of power being tested at Leparua primary school when we installed the system in June 2010.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recyling Project in Kenya

When Carl and I were in Kenya installing the first power system for Leparua primary school we had an opportunity to work with interns from two universities in Canada. One young gentlemen, Alex Reid, who was working with us had an idea to start a recycling program in the area. Before this program, all trash in the area was burned which was very dangerous and bad for the environment. Last week Carl and I got a email from him on the success of his project. Below is a excerpt...

"Thank you for the motivation to take the initiative and start this project, it ended up being very worthwhile.

So we started out by collecting a bunch of plastic bottles from the Safaricom marathon and then we acquired and tested out a compactor and made some bales for collection. A company from Nairobi called Greenloop International from Nairobi came and collected all of the bottles from the marathon. We then built a shed in the logistics workshop with the approval of Harry. Now the tourist lodges can bring all of their PET plastic bottles to the shed and they are compacted and stored until there is enough for Greenloop to come and collect."

This kind of youth interaction is a great benefit and surprise to me. It is amazing how many young adults Carl and I have been in contact with since we started this project. It is very gratifying working with them to understand how to get involved to try and make a difference. - John

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We have Lights at Leparua School

It is official. We now have lights and electrical outlets at Leparua primary school. It took a few months for money to be allocated and installers to be arranged by Lewa and the community. The good news is that phase one is now complete! The library has several energy efficient lights (some are shown in the picture above) and a few electrical outlets to support lantern charging and a few computers. When more money becomes available, they will pull electric to the head master's office and more outlets will be installed in the library. - John

Monday, August 2, 2010

1000 People @ $20 - Donation Campaign

Thank you so much for all of your support. We have just launched our latest fund raising campaign "1000 people at $20" for our next project at Karimba Primary School in northern Kenya. Our goal is to be back in Kenya by December for the next power system installation. Since our last installation, we have made many modifications to improve the power system installation process, serviceability, and shipping. After each system we install, our knowledge and experience helps make the next project better and less expensive. Thanks to you, we will continue to make a difference. Please take the time to donate from either our blog or our website Your $20 can really make a long term difference.