One of many amazing children we have met on this journey

One of many amazing children we have met on this journey

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Arrived in Nairobi and getting ready to head out tomorrow to the school project near Lewa. Took a moment to visit the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. It is an incredible program that rescues infants and helps get them healthy and mature enough to be released back into the wild. There is a great article this month in National Geographic about the organization and what they do. It also highlights all the challenges of poaching and the ivory trade. Worth a read. John
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A great way to start our trip to Kenya

Just wanted to pass along an email I received today.

I have been working very closely over the past few months with Faith Ruinga who heads up education development for Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and she sent me this email yesterday which puts into perspective why we do this and the positive impact Equals3 Foundation can have at Karimba Primary School.

FROM FAITH****************


We are all looking forward to seeing you. I was in Karimba yesterday and the reception is unbelievable! The parents are so excited and are looking forward to bringing in the children for evening preps and waiting for them while attending adult classes and then walking home together at nine. Was very interesting to hear their plans.

See you soon, a different community it is that awaits you.

Many thanks



Sometimes it all feels worth the effort.

We are on our way to Karimba School - Kenya!

Well it took over 6 months and tons of logistical issues but we are on our way to back for our next school project in central Kenya. Karimba primary school is located near Mt Kenya in the highlands that surround the mountain. This school supports approximately 300 children as well as adult education. The photo above is the library where we will be adding electricity for evening education and daytime use.

We will be working in the area between September 1st and September 12th. Please visit the blog often for stories and photos. I will be posting daily.

Thanks for all the support.